3000 km Nexans cable supply Abu Dhabi Nasir II oil field

3000 km Nexans cable supply Abu Dhabi Nasir II oil field

Power cable - Abu Dhabi Nasir II oil field power transmission project

3000 km Nexans cable supply Abu Dhabi Nasir II oil field

The Nasr oil field is a large oil field located 130 kilometers northwest of the Abu Dhabi coast of the UAE. According to the framework of the Nasrall II Oilfield Development Project, the daily production of fritters is expected to increase to 6.5 million barrels. Nexans was selected by the general contractor Hyundai Heavy Industries to become the only cable supplier for the second and most important part of the project.

 The two phases of the Nasr II full field development project include the installation of a multi-platform super-integrated facility that integrates a gas handling platform, a separation platform, a living platform, utility equipment, lighting stations and bridges. All design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning work by the modern heavy industry is responsible. The new facility is powered by Nexans' full range of 250 V to 132 kV power cables, instrument cables and communication cables.

Nexans Korea East will supply a total of 3,000 km of medium and low voltage cables, instrumentation cable, the length of the Earth's equivalent of 1/4. The cable fully meets the customer's ordering specifications, strict IEC, BS and NEK standards.

In September 2015, Nexans has been awarded a contract for the delivery of pollination cables by Hyundai Heavy Industries to deliver 132 kV XLPE insulated three-core submarine cables for the first phase of the Nasr oilfield. The cable is manufactured by a factory in Halden, Norway and will be delivered to Hyundai Heavy Industries in 2017.

"We are honored to be selected by Hyundai as the sole supplier of the project," said Julien Hueber, CEO of Nexans Korea. "This success is undoubtedly the result of our team's dedication and cooperation."

The medium-pressure and low-voltage cables and instrumentation cables for the two phases of the oilfield will be manufactured by Nexson's factory in Jincheon, Korea.