2017 China 's wire and cable industry development forecast

2017 China 's wire and cable industry development forecast

Recently, there are reports that in 2017 China's power cable market capacity will be 8% -9% growth rate.

2017 China's cable industry in addition to promoting the positive impact of smart grid construction, but also because of the country's environmental protection, new energy and other increasingly attention to environmental protection cable will therefore be more updated market, mining cables, high-temperature superconducting cable, Halogen environmental cables and some other high-tech cables will also be sought after by the market further.

The wire and cable industry, the emergence of new industries will inevitably lead to new cable needs. To the new energy cable, for example, it is only a general term, specifically can be broken down into photovoltaic cables, wind power cables; which photovoltaic cables in accordance with the use of the environment will be derived from different needs, and some need high anti-aging to cope with poor Weather (PV power plant), and some need high flame resistance to ensure transmission safety (home PV). 2017, the emergence of these market segments, the cable industry, means that one after another blue ocean waiting for the cable companies to develop.

2017, China's wire and cable companies, is still in the transformation and upgrading of the "labor pains" being. This year, new challenges have come, while the domestic wire and cable industry is still facing a large but not strong, low concentration of industry, a single product, low-profit dilemma. According to statistics, in 2016, China's wire and cable industry in the above-scale (the main business income of 20 million yuan and above) the number of enterprises over 4500, while the top 10 companies in the market share of less than 20% Products, on the one hand is the backlog of low-end cable products, enterprises vicious competition for this, on the other hand is high-end cable products still rely on a large number of imports, the data show that cable products, the average import price of about 21 US dollars / While the export price of cable products is only 9.5 US dollars / kg. The face of aggressive foreign cable companies and the ever-changing cable market environment, China's cable industry has no time to adjust slowly, can only rise to "meet" in the competition gradually out of the past "burden."

The cable industry is notoriously heavy-duty light industry, the impact of raw materials, especially copper prices on the cable industry is almost decisive. In 2017, the price of copper in the end will produce what kind of change is no one can expect. In recent years, the ups and downs of copper prices, it is difficult not to man-made 2017 copper pinch. In 2017, China's wire and cable industry, how copper prices are absolutely unavoidable factors.